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A ponderosa pine forrest in late winter

    The new moon offers beginnings
   to connect with
helpful for you in

 your journey to
living life




1. When something that is curled or rolled tightly unfurls, or you unfurl it, it opens.

Emerging from the depths of winter, fern fronds unfurl when the warmth of the sun begins to thaw the mountain snow. 

Fern frond drawing
Fern frond drawing
Fern frond drawing
Fern frond drawing
Fern frond drawing
Individual Therapy


Strawberry blossons, new fern fraunds, and dandelion in late spring

I value community resilience. I believe each person in our community already has the different keys they need within for trauma healing and recovery. This is a source of inspiration for hope. It takes courage to connect, in the present moment, to understand even what is the most difficult to face. Let's walk the walk together. I am here to support your 

transformative process. You do not have to bare this alone. 


I am committed to an intersectional awareness to uphold your personhood. I'm grateful to work through cycles of change with young people and adults across the age span (14+ years of age). I affirm Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Nonbinary, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual (2SLGBTQIA+) people. Kink and poly friendly!

Ponderosa pine bark

Individual Therapy

"Part of collective liberation is how we challenge and care about one another in this deep unlearning and reconditioning"    - Nora Samaran 


Being embodied includes understanding how the different sometimes conflicting parts of the self are showing up. The impacts of trauma, loss, abuse, cumulative stress, oppression, and hurtful relationship dynamics can all disconnect minds and hearts from any sense of well-being. Learning relevant practices like acceptance and mindfulness can help to hold the vulnerability needed to honestly be with your whole truth. I offer relevant somatic wellness skills and relational approaches to reconnect with what is the most important.  


I bring attention to growth beyond any limiting patterns that no longer serve or define a person. Sometimes this looks like responding to intergenerational patterns of trauma and understanding the impacts of intergenerational resilience. While we are often hurt in relationships, we also heal in relationship where fierce compassion and radical respect are present. As a guide, I help to draw out a sense of worth and deepen roots in living life fully.

Insurace & Sliding Fee Scale


Psychotherapy - I am currently accepting BCBS, Molina, Presbyterian, United, Atena, Cigna, and Western Sky commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare insurance in the state of New Mexico. I can also discuss a sliding fee scale if I am out of network for your insurance or you do not have insurance at this time for diagnostic evaluation: $0-$190 and psychotherapy: $0-$150


Why Integrated?

Relational and body centered therapies strengthen connection to sources of resilience. An integrated understanding of resilience recognizes the importance to remember what brings resonance when connecting with the wisdom of the body.

What does it look like to live fully?

What is the felt sense for a love of living? 



Since 2012 I have worked as an clinical social worker and supervisor at community behavioral health centers providing comprehensive services for neurodiverse people diagnosed with behavioral health disorders, living with chronic health conditions, and disability. My work and lived experience as a survivor informs me on the importance of the quality of connection with friends, family members, providers, peers, and natural supports. Our relationships are critical for community care and prevention.

As an integrative practitioner, I am here to help navigate difficult circumstances, emotional
distress, and extreme states often labeled as  a "dysfunction", "disorder", or  "mental illness" including:



I offer knowledge and experience with an integrated approach for healing and recovery to transform the harms of social neglect, isolation, betrayal, and disconnection. I am here for you to undo unwanted aloneness. You deserve to be free to live your life fully. Together we will bare witness to your truth.

Below are links to learn more about the evidenced-based and supported therapies I can offer:


A compass drawing
Georgia O'Keefe, On the River (From the River Light Blue), 1964, oil on canvass 40 x 30 in. Collection of the New Mexico Meuseum of Art. Gift of the Georgia O'Keefe Estate, 1987 (1987.312.2). Photograph by Blare Clark. (c) New Mexico Meusem of Art.
  • Bipolar

  • Anxiety

  • Prolonged Grief

  • Dissociation

  • Depression

  • Gender Dysphoria

  • Complex Trauma

  • Psychosis

A ponderosa pine forrest in late winter


Wholeness is not always comfortable and still
asks to love yourself anyway. 


I bring grounded presence to your experience and attunement to your transformational process. My role is to create the right conditions in our therapeutic relationship for an awareness of calm, perspective, and centeredness to emerge. Painful relationship patterns and experiences of harm, abuse, oppression, and violence can all understandably contribute to strategies like avoidance, resistance, and ambivalence to protect oneself from feeling pain in connection. Softening and resolving what is blocking a person from safely connecting with themself, others, and the fullness of emotions includes sensing our felt experience to understand the truth about our own needs and wants. Opening up to or reconnecting  with your true self creates more space in your life for authenticity and to genuinely feel acceptance and compassion. Relational healing supports the integration of our whole truth into our sense of belonging and being understood.

σῶμα (sóma) is the Greek root word for somatics. The soma is awareness within of physical embodiment. The felt sense, the mindful self-awareness of the body and interconnection.

Sensation is a doorway to connect to the inner wisdom held in your bodyIf you place attention inward you can track sensations within you, like the quality of your breath, heart rate, muscle tension, and movement. Somatic philosophy understands the experience of embodiment to include ecological interconnections with the natural world of which we are a part. Somatics grounds understanding on personhood as deeply relational and spiritual.



The imagination holds the keys to animating our words and ideas with sensory and affective experiences. Connecting to feelings and sensations of well-being helps to tap into a source of resilience. Resources for resilience can include connecting with the natural world, contemplation or prayer, an important person in your life, pets, movement, deity, creative expression, soothing, and values. Resourcing gives us more space to live fully, to be right sized,  and respond to what we are facing from an informed place. Healing can look like a process of connecting with an intrinsic source for resilience and feeling safe enough to unfurl more fully in your personhood. Like the phases of the moon, the rhythm of our nervous system naturally changes. Changes in our thoughts and emotions often emerge from body centered approaches to healing.

A key to healing

Mind and Heart

Love is an essential curative factor in therapy. The therapeutic relationship centers connections linking and syncing the mind and heart. When the mind and heart are in sync than a person's truth at their core can be seen and heard from the inside out because they are feeling their authentic, true, and real self. It is human nature to thrive through connection and relationships.

The therapeutic space is for truth telling and knowing what you are experiencing without self-doubt. There can be virtue to ambivalence when slowing down and taking time to make choices and observe something to inform intuition from an a connected place of knowing. Experiencing what it is like to not feel stuck or shu
t down can illuminate what has been getting in the way to living life fully in line with your values. Mind and heart coherence can bring a sense of stability, harmony, connectedness, zest, warmth, and a source of energy brining out the best in us. 

Full moon sletch with soft mustard yellow tone
Pussey toes, a pink velvety bloom, on the forrest floor


I uphold an integrative harm reduction approach as a spectrum of strategies to meet people who use substances where they are at toward their self-determined goals including abstinence, safer use, managed use, and medication options. Recovery is a personal journey and is not linear. This aspect of change and growth is empowering and also brings responsibility. By getting to the root causes of harm in a persons life I am hopeful about addressing the negative effects of chaotic substance use, including alcohol and cannabis. Each day offers the opportunity to, "live as your best self and show up in a new way" (Shira Hassen, 2022). 

Cultural humility

There can be parts of a person that disconnect from mind and body to get through the day especially when alone without understanding or interest from another person. This requires putting valid emotions on the back burner that deserve space to let go, to become nourishment for the soil. I recognize there is cultural humility needed to understand: What it means to be you living with the effects of these social conditions? How do you feel about the people in your life, around you, their understanding of you, their actions toward you? It is important for me to understand your whole experience and to not minimize or over emphasis the different parts of your experience.

A curved bill thrasher with a puffed out chest sining

"Do the best you can

until you know better.

Then when you know better,

do better."       

- Maya Angelou


The Rio Grande/Bravo delta rivershed has many names,

sometimes called the Blue River by Southern Tiwa peoples.

The river is known to be a life source and mother.

This bioregional corridor has been neutral territory for many Indigenous Nations from time immemorial including the Tiwa, Keres, Towa, Tigua, Diné, Shis-Inday, and Numunuu peoples


Honor Native Land Tax  (click link)

Jennifer "Ennis" Stanley, DSW, LCSW

Doctor of Clinical Social Work 

I go by Ennis. I am a euro-descended setter who grew up on Kumeyaay lands (aka San Diego, CA). My values ask for me to do my best and to try harder to be in right relationship with community. I've been working as a clinical social worker in New Mexico since 2012 and a social work educator since 2021. I consider myself a lifelong learner of multistoried histories and living traditions. I enjoy holding space for community care and participating in mutual aid. A love for the natural world was instilled in me at a young age. I always look forward to walks with friends and family in the Bosque, through neighborhoods, around parks, the foothills, and in the mountain forests.

Professional Credentials

  • AA, Associates of Arts, University of New Mexico, Taos, General Studies, 2005

  • BA, Bachelor of Arts, The Evergreen State College, Community Studies, 2007

  • MSW, Masters of Social Work, University of California, Berkeley, School of Social Welfare, Children and Families, 2011

  • DSW, Doctorate of Clinical Social Work, University of Pennsylvania, School of Social Policy and Practice, 2022

Snow covered ground with tree shadows

currently not accepting any new clients.




‪(505) 600-1139

Aliso Roots Community Collective Offices
120 Aliso Dr SE

Albuquerque, NM 87108

fern frond drawing
fern frond drawing
fern frond drawing
fern frond drawing
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